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    Want Simple and Cheap Walkie Talkie?

    $88 for 1 Pair of Baofeng BF-88E Walkie Talkie.

    Ideal of use indoors or outdoors up to 1KM

  • How far can Walkie Talkie go?

    Not sure about what types of walkie talkie suits you?

    Please read our detailed guide

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    $100 to $200

    License Free

    Range: useful for 1-2 stories indoors, or up to 1KM outdoors.

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    $200 - $400

    Range: useful for 3-5 stories indoors, or up to 4KM outdoors

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    $200 to $400

    Localised Licensed with Repeater

    Range: useful for 10-20 stories indoors, or up to 8KM outdoors.

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    $300 to $600

    Range: Nationwide coverage with 4G or WiFi

  • Simple Starter Walkie Talkies

    Useful for 1-2 stories indoors or up to 1KM outdoors.

    16 Channels

    License free walkie talkies have access to 16 public channels.


    Simply choose the same channel on all talkies and you are ready to communicate in a group.


    No annual licensing fee or paperwork required to use these talkies.

    Use indoors or outdoors

    We did real life test in Singapore so you can know The actual range you can get.


    Open Area: 1KM

    2 story warehouse: OK

    Tall building: 3 Stories.


    If you need longer range coverage, take a look st our Nationwide Walkie Talkie.

    Desktop Charger

    The starter package comes with the desktop charger,


    Siimply slot it in and the walkie talkie will charge.


    Charging time: 5 hours

    Standby time: 8 to 12 hours

    COD payment available

    We understand that it might not be too easy to pay for a company purchase with credit card.


    We offer COD (Cheque on Delivery). During Checkout, please choose "Cheque Payment for Companies" as payment method.

  • Why buy with Smart Walkie Pte Ltd

    All Baofeng Walkie Talkies sold by us have the following unique features

    14 days exchange

    We manually do an extra round of QC when the phones reach Singapore. So when you receive your walkie talkie, it will work right out of box.


    If there's an issue and you are not satisfied with your device, we can do a 1-1 replacement within 14 days.


    IMDA Registered

    Buying a licensed Walkie Talkie ensures you are in accordance with all rules and do not incur and financial penalties

    6 months warranty

    Repairs are done locally. This means that you will never have to pay for shipping and wait for two months to have your walkie talkie to be serviced in China.


    Distributed in Singapore by Smart Walkie Pte Ltd

    Cheque payment

    Buying for companies use and you cannot use credit card? We offer COD (Cheque on Delivery).


    During Checkout, please use choose" Cheque Payment for Companies" as the payment method.

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    2 Day Delivery in Singapore

    Baofeng BF-R5  (1 Pair)

    Baofeng BF-R5 (1 Pair)

    BAOFENG BF-R5 Black Mini Portable two way radio (License free, IMDA approved) PMR446 2PCS

    The pack includes:
    2 x BF-R5 PMR446 two way radio with screws at the back of cover
    2 x Li-ion Battery
    2 x Belt Clip
    1 x User's Manual
    1 x EU 2 pin Charger + Micro USB cable
    Free shipping
    Coming soon
    Baofeng BF-88E (1 Pair)

    Baofeng BF-88E (1 Pair)

    Baofeng BF-88E (License free, IMDA approved) PMR446 radio, 2PCS

    The pack includes:
    2 x BF-88E PMR446 two way radio with screws at the back of cover
    2 x Li-ion Battery
    2x Charger
    2 x Belt Clip
    1 x User's Manual
    2 x Desktop Charger
    2x hand strap
    1x instruction manual
    Free Shipping

    Coming soon
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    Can it connect with your existing set?

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